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extra virgin olive oil carcillo

The Italian extra virgin olive oil directly from the tradition.

Carcillo olive oil mill is located in the region of Molise, in the middle-south of Italy.

Carcillo extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives only and exclusively through mechanical processes. The mill uses a principle of cold pressing (traditional system) with millstones and hydraulic presses. Carcillo extra virgin olive oil resulted just from the area of the plain of Venafro and the surrounding mountains.

The excellent quality, valued delicacy and low acidity of our extra virgin olive oil as well as derive from the method of cold pressing, even the short time that passes between the collection of olives and their processing. The olives are always collected and processed in one day, a really important characteristic for the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Venafro Olive Oil and antiquity.

Venafro's olive oil is mentioned by ancient and famous writers in many of their works as the best oil for the cooking and more ... So Cato the Censor in "De Agricoltura" recommends to sell the olives pending taking a lead from Venafro: "Olea pendens hac lege venire oportet. Olea pendens in fundo venafrano venibit". Marcus Varro in "De re rustica" cites venafro's fields as the best for the production of olive oil: "Laudem habet totus Venafranus ager, unde oleum optimum".

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